Tuesday, February 7, 2012

WHB# 320 Nilagang Saging (Boiled Banana)

Come harvest time for bananas, we would have plenty of
unripe bananas at home. Dad would choose the large ones
to sell and the smaller ones are left for our consumption.

This is another way of boiling banana that I learned here in Pila.

Instead of boiling ripe bananas, unripe banana is used. Washed
it thoroughly, and with you palm, press each banana to crack it.
Place in a large pot with water and add salt. Boil bananas until
cooked. The sap of the fruit will mix with the water adding flavor
and will turn the fruit brownish. Served with grated coconut and 
sprinkle sugar.

Sharing this snack to all
Weekend Herb Blogging lovers.
This week's roundup #320
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