Thursday, December 3, 2009

WHB- Madre Cacao or Kakawate

Kakawate (Gliricidia sepium) or Madre Cacao may not be very
well known but for farmers like my Dad, it is a very useful tree.
He would use it as a line fence around our property, as a trellis
for our pepper, ampalaya or bitter gourd and sayote.

kakawate tree as trellis for pepper

The kakawate leaves he would place with the banana fruits,
instead of using "kalboro" or Calcium Carbide (used as source
of acetylene gas, which is a ripening agent) to hasten the ripening
of the fruits.

A favorite at home is smoking fish using kakawate. Place the fish
on top of kakawate branch and cover with kakawate leaves.
Serve the fish with a dip of fish sauce and kalamansi (key lime).

Submitting this post to Marilyn of Just Making A Noise who
is hosting this week's WHB event.
of Cook Almost Anything oversees this event.

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