Friday, April 22, 2011

Summer Cooler : Ice Candy

As a child, one thing I looked forward to summer is making
ice candy. It's a Popsicle in narrow plastic bags. We would make
it in the afternoon and freeze it overnight. The next day, we would
bring it to play and compare them with our playmate's version.
The flavor would vary depending on what is available in the kitchen
and what fruit is in season. The most common would be buko
(young coconut), mango and jack fruit. Other times we would use
chocolate milk like Milo or Ovaltine and coffee to make mocha flavor.

For fruit flavor ice candy, puree the fruit and mix with milk and sugar.
adjust the flavor to your liking. You can also add fruit bits to make
it special. Use a funnel to pour the mixture in special plastic
bags (1 1/2" x 10"). Leave about 2 inches space from the top and
make a knot to close it. Freeze overnight (24 hours would be better).
You can tot it for picnics, to play and travel with little fuss.

How to eat ice candy? Rip the sealed flat end of the ice candy using your
hand or teeth (this is more fun). Once opened, squeeze the knotted
end of the plastic,pushing the ice candy upward. Eat the ice candy,
pushing the ice upward until you finish it off.

I made ice candy using the sweetened jack fruit I made weeks ago.
I am sharing this to all Weekend Herb Blogger followers. Don't forget
to head over to Haalo of Cook (Almost) Anything, our host for this week's
WHB #280 round up.


Joy said...

I have yet to have ice candy. Yours look great.

kitchenmorph said...

you know wht we call it in our place: sip up!!! this made me really nostalgic...used to have loads of it as a kid...i'd prefer coconut and mango...great post!

Happy Easter!

Lala said...

i haven't been here in awhile and when i saw your ice candy post, i instantly had to reply!

i loveeeeeeee ice candy. my ma used to make them a lot back home, and sell them for 2 pesos.

yummm!! thanks for the memories.

one of my other fave: melon. so, so good.


oh how i miss ice candy. I think im going to make bilin ice candy bags from my friend. Thanks a bunch for the inspiration.


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