Thursday, December 3, 2009

WHB- Madre Cacao or Kakawate

Kakawate (Gliricidia sepium) or Madre Cacao may not be very
well known but for farmers like my Dad, it is a very useful tree.
He would use it as a line fence around our property, as a trellis
for our pepper, ampalaya or bitter gourd and sayote.

kakawate tree as trellis for pepper

The kakawate leaves he would place with the banana fruits,
instead of using "kalboro" or Calcium Carbide (used as source
of acetylene gas, which is a ripening agent) to hasten the ripening
of the fruits.

A favorite at home is smoking fish using kakawate. Place the fish
on top of kakawate branch and cover with kakawate leaves.
Serve the fish with a dip of fish sauce and kalamansi (key lime).

Submitting this post to Marilyn of Just Making A Noise who
is hosting this week's WHB event.
of Cook Almost Anything oversees this event.

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Brad said...

Hi bacon lover...really enjoying your blog, so interesting and unique. Thanks for sharing your cooking experiences.

Eric Ackerson said...

Hello Ela,

As requested, I am going to post a hot dessert recipe. However, I have moved my blog to

Please come check it out. i will be posting a recipe for poached pears in red wine with blue cheese crumbles....Yum. Also feel free to add your email to my subscription page and you will get regular updates from me then!

BTW this smoked fish looks unbelieveable. I would love to talk to you about contributing to MyHungryTum as my focus is food from around the world.... If interested let me know.


Ela said...

Hey Brad, got some bacon left for me?

Looking forward to your hot dessert eric. hope you get to drop by the philippines in one of your food focus.

pTsaldari said...

This site was such a pleasure to visit. Well presented, clean, clear and beautiful photos. This is exactly how we eat our fish too. I shall be returning for another delicious bite. Thank you for sharing,
Cheers, PT
You can visit me at

Erin (Travel, Eat, Repeat) said...

How beautiful and fresh! I was in the Philippines last year and wish I'd know more about the food before going.

Ela said...

Hi PT, you've got a nice blog yourself. thanks for dropping by.

Hey Erin, hope you can taste this next time you visit the philippines.

Pacheco Patty said...

I love your blog, what an interesting site to visit. The fish grilling over the coals looks incredible!

Tanantha @ I Just Love My Apron said...

It was a very interesting method of cooking fish!

Rumana Rawat said...

U have a great space and very delicious recipe's.
Do visit mine if u have time:-)


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