Monday, March 14, 2011

Minatamis na Langka (sweetened jackfruit)

Jackfruit (langka) season is here again. We got 1 tree that supplies us plenty.
Often Dad would divide the fruits and distribute to our relatives.

I love the smell of jack fruit. The fruit is sweet and crunchy.
My favorite is to freeze the fruits before eating to make it more crispy.
The seeds can be boiled which makes a good snack.
Dip it in sugar to make it more appetizing.

With jackfruit, I always think of turon and halo-halo. Often we would make
minatamis na langka (sweetened jackfruit) to preserve it.

minatamis na langka

To make sweetened jackfruit, remove the seeds from the fruits.
Cut the fruit into strips. I also cut it in half so it won't get stuck in
my throat( it tends to be slippery when cooked). Boil 1 cup of sugar
and 1 cup of water. When the sugar is dissolve add jackfruit strips
about 2-3 cups. Cook until no liquid is left.

For a crispier sweetened jackfruit, no need to add water. Cook
the jackfruit with sugar until the sugar is dissolve.

Sharing this to all Weekend Herb Blogging lovers.
WHB#275 roundup is hosted by Chris of Melle Cotte,
the little blog that feeds a huge appetite for cooking.


Joy said...

I have never ate jackfruit by itself. I have to try this next time.

BestOodles said...

Great infos, I was finishing up my Jackfruit info in my ingredients list I saw your blog.

Chris said...

Love this! I always see Jackfruit in the farmer's market, but don't know what to do with it. Thanks for this, and for participating in WHB. I am hoping to have the round up sometime tonight.

Tes said...

I love jackfruits.... I wish the seasonal jackfruits arrive in the city soon :) I really miss that wonderful sweetness :)

? said...

The pictures at the WHB brought a huge wave of nostalgia! This fruit was part of our childhood summer memories, right in time for the summer holidays in South India. We have several dishes from this fruit: from the savoury to the sweet and using both raw and ripe and the seeds.

Chris's Gourmet Fashion said...

Wow! You know I don't think that I have ever eaten Jackfruit. I will have to look out for it next time I'm out grocery shopping. Looks wonderful!

kitchenmorph said...

oh ela, i feel so bad you lost the precious portion of jackfruit by me...

btw i hate the smell but love the taste...there's a shampoo here by name of halo!! one of your pics looks exactly like our yield here..

i'm taking a short break from blogging...

Mike said...

I've always wanted to try jackfruit. Thanks for the Foodbuzz add!

Aroma y Cocina said...

Wish I could try this fruit!

Shri said...

Miss this fruit! Ila, waiting for another jackfruit post this year! :-)


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