Monday, November 17, 2008

Undas 2008

It was a wet All Saint's Day morning but Filipinos still troop to the cemeteries to pay respect to our dear departed. Fortunately the sun was cooperative in the late afternoon.

entrance to the Pila Public Cemetery

path leading to our family's niche

my family's dear departed

apartment-type niche

in remembrance of the victims of abortion


The day after.....

not so crowded anymore

garbage left behind after the celebration

clean up crew at work

Relova Memorial Park (beside the Pila Public Cemetery)
Unlike the public cemetery where it is crowded, there is enough space
here even for a picnic.

Every year we prepare candles to bring to the cemetery.

this year

last year's candles that we prepared

1 comment:

Jescel said...

americans don't do this.. they don't do this for the dead. i think it has something to do with religion as well.


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