Friday, September 26, 2008

GawGaw (clothes starch)

I grew up having my clothes starched. I like the feel of crisp, clean clothes. I love to lie in my bed and smell the newly starched beddings.

Sometimes I help Mom use Gawgaw on some of our clothes and linen.

Mix 3 packs of Boston Gawgaw with a cup of water in a basin. Pour boiling water on the mixture, about 1-2 liters, until it changes from milky white to a transparent color and keep stirring it to avoid any lumps. Let cool.

Add water (2 liters for heavy solution, 4 liters for medium and 6 liters for a light solution). Dip clothes in the starch solution and dry under the sun.

Before ironing, sprinkle water on the clothes and roll up. Cover with a large piece of cloth for 30 minutes until evenly moistened.

Enjoy your starched clothes!

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