Friday, January 23, 2009

Travel Food

Got this great idea from my cousin during our Sagada trip. We decided to packed dinner for the 12hour bus ride. We had rice and pork adobo.

Cooked Adobo was mixed with rice and wrapped in foil

No need for spoon and fork

Unfold as you eat. No mess.


Sapuche said...

That looks so...beautiful! For traveling food, that's a great way to bring it. When I was in Taipei, I had white rice wrapped around a fried egg and cooked beef, but it was dry and tasteless. Your rice and pork adobo looks MUCH better!

Everything's Herbed said...

im making rice with longanisa(philippine sausage) for my next trip!

Chris Nyles said...

Ela, that was brilliant! Looks so good too.


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