Wednesday, April 15, 2009

WHB - Tanglad Juice (Lemongrass Juice)

Since my sister Gay ( started her food
blog, we have been buying food magazines. One of our favorite is
FOODIE magazine, published by ABS-CBN Publishing Inc. We have
tried some of their recipes and I am sharing one of my favorite,

Tanglad (Lemongrass) Juice
(modified from FOODIE magazine, vol 2 no 1)

3 cups water
6 stalks lemongrass
1/2cup mint leaves
1/2 cup sugar
juice of 3-4 calamansi or 1 lemon

Slice lemon grass about 1/4" in length and pound white part.
In a pot, bring water and lemongrass to a boil. Lower heat
and simmer for 15 minutes. Turn off fire and add mint leaves.
Steep for 15 minutes then strain.

Heat sugar and 3 TBSP water until sugar is dissolve. Add to
infused liquid and stir in calamansi juice. Cool completely.

To serve, fill glasses with ice and pour tanglad juice.
Garnish with stalk of lemongrass and mint leaves on top.
I also tried using spearmint and it tasted ok.

Sharing this drink to all Weekend Herb Bloggers hosted by
Prof Kitty of The Cabinet of Prof. Kitty. Haalo of
CookAlmostAnything oversees the Weekend Herb Blogging
event. Happy Birthday dear Haalo!

We also use Tanglad/Lemongrass
when roasting chicken,
Lechon Manok w/ Tanglad


Kalyn said...

Hello to Gay's sister! Very interesting post. I've had lemongrass as a seasoning in dishes, but never heard of it used like this. (And sadly, it's a bit hard to find in this part of the world.)

Sarah said...

I have lemon grass growing in my yard and I often add a few leaves to my tea, together with mint, it's a nice combination, lemon and mint is a very popular combinatin in Israel

Everything's Herbed said...

hi ms kalyn. great idea this WHB! i hope you get to try this drink...

ms sarah will try it with tea next time...

thanks for dropping by...

Tangled Noodle said...

Thanks for sharing this! I love lemongrass tea but this sounds so refreshing as a cool drink. I bought as many food magazines as I could find during our trip to the Philippines. Now I'm asking my mom to collect them and bring them when she visits us here!


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