Monday, October 5, 2009

September Harvest

Balimbing / Star Fruit


Bayabas / Guava


Angie's Recipes said...

There are so many different kinds of fruits in the Philippines!
I love mango there.....and ube! I miss Ube ice cream....

Angie's Recipes

j e t s e t WISDOM said...

Ciao fellow Libra girl - I love your photos of the fall HARvest - wow - you are very fortunate to have such bounty. We too, in Virginia have lots, but very different avaiable right now. However, I also just visited a Fruit Market in Sao Paulo, and enjoyed eating ATEMOYA - you could grow that there, I bet....I cannot. Delicious - almost tastes like cheese. Wikipedia rights it up well, I'm going to try. Meanwhile your (LIBRA) choice of blog is interesting -I have the same - At JetsetWisdom- my birthday is October 8th.
Best, and happy birthday! Claudia

Ela said...

yes angie, we are fortunate to have so many fruits available. mangoe's my favorite too. have u tried halayang ube?

hi claudia! birthday greetings from the philippines! hope you have a wonderful celebration.

DhaleB said...

Love your blog and photos! I haven't been to the Philippines for almost 20 years so this feels like a mini vacation through your pictures. Thanks for sharing :)

Ela said...

hi dhaleB,
Hope you get to visit the philippines again....thanks for droppping by my blog

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