Sunday, June 26, 2011

Easy Shrimp Tom Yum

My sister bought some packets of Tom Yum paste from her trip
to Thailand.Since I was feeling adventurous, I decided to try it.

I bought some mushrooms (Volvariella volvacea)to go with it.
These mushrooms are dear to me. I took a Mushroom culture
class in UPLB. My family used to cultivate them using banana

Everyday we would wake up around 3:00am to harvest the
mushrooms and by 5:00am I would be on a bus going to
Quezon City to deliver it to Crossings market in Cubao.
Traffic was not a problem then. The trip would only take me
an hour. By 8:00am I would be in UPLB for my first class.

Tom yum paste, checked. Mushrooms, checked. Shrimps
(I brought with me from my GenSan trip), checked.
From our garden I got kaffir leaves, lemon grass and dayap
(local lemon). Now I'm ready for my first Tom Yum.

1 packet Tom Yum paste
200g deveined shrimps
200g mushrooms
1-2 kaffir leaves
1 stalk of lemon grass
fish sauce
dayap juice to taste
3 cups water

Submerge the packet in hot water for a minute. Cut open,
the paste will come out easily.

Boil lemon grass and kaffir leaves in 3 cups water.
Add the paste and bring to a boil. Add the shrimps and
mushrooms. When cooked, add fish sauce and dayap
juice to taste. It's that easy!


? said...

Sounds simple and perfect.

Joy said...

I love loves tom yum. I always crave it when I'm sick.

jinky said...

wow, luto rin ako nito...soon!

Palawan said...

Hi! It looks tasty...parang Vietnamese Beff Stew here in Palawan ang hitsura. Is it available in malls..the tom yum I mean. :)

Ela said...

yup. the paste is available in the spice section. I have yet to try that Vietnamese Beef Stew. Mayeb next time I get to visit Palawan :D

Vicky said...

Hmmm I love tom yum soup! So good!


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