Friday, June 3, 2011

Bread Machine Fun

My sister recently bought a bread machine from her recent US trip.
We all had fun with it and enjoyed the freshly baked bread.

It so easy to use, just dump all ingredients in the machine, set the
cycle and wait for it to cook.

Dad with the bread machine

my sister checking out the manual

Me and mom checking out the baking process

Of course I have to pose with the machine

Voila! freshly baked bread

letting the sesame bread rest before cutting

basic white bread

Nutella goes well with hot bread

mom wanted some raisin bread but we didn't have raisins
that time, so we use trail mix instead

The Incredible Hulk's favorite green bread, Pandan bread :D


kitchenmorph said...

wow. i been thinking seriously abt it..nothing like freshly home baked bread!

Anonymous said...


Ela said...

hi thoma, what i like about the machine besides fresh baked bread at your fingertips is i can bake using my preferred ingredients.


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