Sunday, April 8, 2012

Ukoy / Okoy

We always have vegetable lumpia (vegetable spring rolls) during Good friday.
Since it's a no-meat day, tokwa (tofo or soy bean cake) is used. Lunch would
be Lumpiang Hubad (Naked Spring Rolls, a spring roll minus the spring roll 
wrapper hence the name) with sweetened garlic sauce. Leftover veggies would
then be wrapped in spring roll wrapper and fried for supper.

For a change, I tried making Ukoy / Okoy. It's like fried lumpia without 
sauteing the veggies before wrapping in spring roll wrapper. The basic ingredients 
are shrimps, tofu and bean sprout.  I added some carrots, squash (from my uncle's 
farm) and sayote / chayote (Sechium edule)  which we have in our garden.

       1 cup flour
       1/2 cup cornstarch
       1/2 cup water
       salt and pepper
        1 cup  julienned sayote
        1 cup julienned squash
        1 cup julienned carrots
        1 cup bean sprouts
        1 cup sliced tofu
        1 cup shrimps

oil for frying

Make the batter and set aside.  Mixed the vegetables except the tofu.

In a ladle, place the mixed vegetables. Sprinkle the tofu and shrimps
on top. Pour batter just enough to coat. 

Slowly dip in hot oil. Remove ladle and fry until golden brown.
Serve with vinegar and crushed garlic.


sheng said...

Te, send me some herb seeds!

jinky said...

wow, sarap!

sa garden ko ayaw tumubo ng sayote ba ;-(


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