Sunday, July 15, 2012

I eat in Phitsanulok

Twice, I was able to visit my sister in Phitsanulok, Thailand.
Being food lovers, we based out sightseeing in places
where there are good food. My sister joked that I have alreayd
toured the whole Phitsanulok, checking out these food stops
and we even got lost a few times.

Paephufathai restaurant along the Nan River serves the tastiest
Tom Yum in Phitsanulok.

Tom Yummy!

These sheds on the other side of the Nan river becomes alive at night
as tables are set up for diners.

Most customers are students and teenagers who wants to hang out
for cold drinks and shakes.

I wanted something exotic shake but the waiter had trouble understanding
I ended with plain milk shake with some corn flakes on top.

We did got lucky with this delicious squid salad for only 50 Baht

Stir fried chicken with nuts at Vinmarn Din Restaurant.
It was the first time I was served with whole chilies mixed in the recipe

I saw these weird looking fruit in the grocery called Sa-la. It's sour.

Near my sister's place, you can buy Pork Krapao for only 30Baht.
I forgot to tell the cook not to make it too spicy and she even served it
with hot sauce on the side!

A few meters from Wat Phra Mahathat is the Hanging Feet restaurant.

There are no chairs provided you sit on the side of the restaurant
with your fee hanging beside the wall, hence the name.

Inside there are tables where you can squat while eating.

Basil, celery, cucumber, string beans,cabbage are the usual
vegies served raw with your meal. Take you pick.

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