Thursday, June 17, 2010

Gensan Eats

grilled fish w/ dill

lunch at Isla Jardin Beach Resort:

sweet-style pancit Bihon

Tolang Isda

located at the al fresco dining side of Robinson’s Place

Durian Float, great with brewed coffee

Barbecue place along San Pedro St, choose what you like and they will cook it for you:

pork barbecue at Php 5/stick

Seafoods galore

Nadine's Resort at Lake Sebu, South Cotabato, freshly caught Tilapia:grilled Tilapia

Chicharon Tilapia (crispy Tilapia fillet)


Sanura said...

All the seafood and grilling looks very delicious.

Anonymous said...

that Bihon and Shrimp dishes looks very yummy :-)

Do you have the recipes for them? Thanks.

Miss Lucky Piggy

~Lisa~ said...

Your photos are making me drool. I love asian street foods!


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