Saturday, September 18, 2010

Tolang Bisaya

One of the things I missed in Iligan City is the availability
of fresh seafoods. Most fish sold in our local market here
in Pila came from Laguna Lake, bangus (milkfish), tilapia,
dalag (mudfish), hito and kanduli (catfish).

I get my supply of seafoods from my suki in Los BaƱos
who heads to Lucena City everyday to get them fresh.

The other day I got some fresh Pampano, which Mom
cook as Tolang Bisaya, an effortless soup to make.
Mom rarely cooks so when she's in the mood, we let her.
Tolang Bisaya as we call it, is one of her favorite dish.

Tolang Bisaya

1/2 k Pampano or any white-meat fish
1 bell pepper,quartered
1 stalk Salay (lemongrass)
3 tomatoes, quartered
2 onions, sliced in half
bunch of leeks
3 cups water

Place all ingredients in a casserole except fish.
Bring to a boil. Add the fish and boil again until
the fish is cooked. Serve hot.

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How about a banana snack?



Stella said...

Ooh, me wants a banana snack (smile).
Hey Ela! You know, I can't get fresh seafood very easily, and I live in Florida. Crazy, no? I live on the Gulf though and we've had problems to say the least. Oh, and I don't like lake fish as much as sea fishes. Is that weird? Things from the sea seem so much more delicious to me?!
Anyway, your Tolang Bisaya sounds wonderful;)!

Joy said...

That reminds me of a dish my mom used to make. IT looks great.


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