Monday, November 8, 2010

Steamed Fish

Mom got this recipe of steamed fish from a magazine years ago.
It was an advertisement for Amoy products.

She always use Tilapia for this but I was lucky to buy fresh lapu lapu
from my suki in Los BaƱos. You can substitute any white fish you like.

4-5 pcs sliced white fish fillet (you can also use small sized fish)
4-5 stalks pechay Baguio
5 stalks spring onions,minced
1 pc medium ginger, minced or grated
3-4T vegetable oil
2T Amoy gold label light soy sauce
2T Amoy sesame oil

Mix together light soy sauce and sesame oil. Set aside.
Place slice of fish on top of pechay Baguio leaf. ( there's no
Baguio pechay in the picture, my fault. I forgot to buy :D).
Wrapped the fish in foil and steam until fish is cooked.
When fish is cooked, transfer each fish into a plate or served
it with foil. Sprinkle grated ginger and onions on top. Heat oil
until very hot but not smoking. Pour over fish just to cook
the onions and ginger. When frying subsides, pour sesame
soy mixture. Serve.

Mom's tip: when using whole fish, place a slice of ginger
inside the fish before steaming to remove the "lansa"
(fishy smell).

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Joy said...

That looks great. I love it.

kitchenmorph said...

hi ela!

congrats! you've an award to pick from my blog:

Sanura said...

I love steam fish. I will remember your mother's suggestion of adding a piece of ginger inside the fish to remove the fishy smell. A quick question: What's Pechay Baguio?

Chef Dennis said...

oh heres your pesto post..sorry, I didn't read down far enough!! I love pesto, it goes so well with so many dishes!
over pasta is my favorite though!


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