Friday, October 15, 2010


Inihaw na liempo (grilled pork belly cuts) is a family favorite
in our lazy Sunday breakfast. Dad call it "inagurasyon" (inauguration).

It started when he bought a new grill on a weekday. He so wanted to
use it, he can't wait for our Sunday breakfast. So he made the excuse
of inaugurating the new grill and cooked inihaw na liempo.

Since then, whenever we have something new at home (a new chopping
board, a new potholder or new place mats) Dad always make an excuse to
inaugurate it by cooking inihaw na liempo.

No special marinade, just rub both sides with salt and grill away. This is
served with our favorite sawsawan (dip) of tomatoes, onions, vinegar,
soy sauce and siling labuyo (Bird's Eye chili pepper). Topped with pakchee,
of course.

our favorite dip

Burong Mangga goes well with grilled foods.

if you like squid, then Adobong Pusit is for you!

Craving for something Thai?
check out Chicken Krapao


Karen said...

I think I would make up excuses to make pork belly, too! Yum! Sounds good!

Couscous & Consciousness said...

I love pork belly - I would make up all sorts of excuses to have this :-)

Chef Dennis said...

that pork belly looks so very very good! I agree with Karen, any excuse to make that dish would be fine with me!

Joy said...

Hmmm Pork. That looks so good.

January said...

ela! belated happy birthday! :) sarap ng grilled liempo! :) pasama sa inaugurasyon nyo haha


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